Monday, July 12, 2010

How to use/install D Link DPH-50U Skype phone adapter in Windows 7/Vista

Skype is most popular VoIP service throughout the world. Skype is famous for its high quality free video calls and cheap phone calls. Many People use Skype as regular phone service with Skype monthly subscriptions, which allows you to make unlimited free calls to phone and landlines to various countries. To use Skype from a regular phone you need a Skype adapter. There are so many product available as USB Skype adapter in the market but D Link DPH-50U is most popular because of its cost and ease of use.

DLink DPH-50U is a Skype certified equipment to use Skype services. This device supports call waiting, call conference between PSTN and Skype calls. DLink has stopped this device now and latest supported operating system is Windows Vista as per the website.

Here are the issues when you try to install DPH-50U on Windows 7 -

1 - Drivers installs successfully but doesn`t recognize.
2 - Skype doesn`t detect the DLink utility.
3 - DLink utility will not open in maximize.

We can use DLink DPH-50U on Windows 7 (32 bit only, not checked on 64bit) with this trick -

Trick 1
  • Install the drivers as recommended.
  • Plugin the device, windows will install default Zoom driver for equipment.
  • Goto device manager and update the drivers with the original D link drivers.
  • Now restart your machine and it should work then.

If the above trick doesn`t work for you then try this (100%)
Trick 2
  • Search for USRobotics Skype adapter drivers on net.
  • Install the complete drivers and utility
  • Plugin the device and stop windows to install the drivers automatically.
  • Select USRobotics drivers and install them.
  • Now Allow skype to Access USRobotics and that's it.
To dial a VoIP number with USRobotics software you need to dial ## number * which you can configure manually also.
If you still face any problem please leave your comments here.


  1. nice post but idont know acceptable 4 my place?

  2. I love you. If only I found this article sooner...spent about 42383245 hours tinkering with the Dlink Drivers.

  3. Thank you - after futile hours spent trying to get the DPH-50 to work the US Robotics software works perfectly!Rather than remove the other dirver, I went into tools and simply disabled it there.


  4. OMG!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Trick #2 worked from the start without installing the D-Link drivers! Thank you!!!

  5. I tried both approach. But Windows 7 won't let me modify the driver (update driver option is shaded). Any indea?

  6. Upon plog in the box, Windows 7 didn't offer to ask about the driver. It just finished. How to set the Windows 7 not to auto install?

  7. Okay, I figured out the part of how to update driver. You have to click on [Change Settings] before clicking on [Driver] in order to enable the option.

    Now I got the adaptor to access the Skype, which ask Skype for permission of "VoIP Agent.exe wants to user Skype". After I click [Allow Access], the icon turns green. Great!

    However, the computer speak didn't turn off...


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