Saturday, July 31, 2010 Call INDIA True 1 cents/min Free Bonus Credit code FREE5

Calling is really getting cheaper and cheaper. Presently so many VoIP companies provides one cent calling plan as cheapest calls to INDIA. But most of them are not true one cent plans. Today we have got one exciting offer for our readers by which they can make true one cent calls to INDIA and cheap Calls to other countries. Today we will discuss about US based Cheap International calling service. is US based company proving cheap calling services to and from all the countries. is complete in itself as they give you flexibility to use from Phone, SIP and softphone. This means that you can use there services virtually from any part of the world. Please note that access numbers are only from USA.

Now coming to the point.

There regular calling rates to INDIA are

2 US cents/min with Pay as you go plan
1.5 US cents/min with 14.99 Package (1500 Minutes) plan.

Now the catch is that they are offering $5 free bonus credit for any purchase(Min $5). That means if you buy credit of $5 you will get $10 that means effectively 1 US cents/min calls to INDIA. You will also get this bonus credit if you purchase 1500 Minutes plan.

The best part is, with Pay as you go plan Credit validity is of one year. To sign up with follow these steps -
Please note that this coupon code is valid till August 31,2010 with a min purchase of $5. In our opinion you should try this and cash this offer.


  1. Thank you for the article. I tried it and its really good. They have "Smart dials", so I can dial international numbers in one shot, no need of dialing access number and destination number. however, this is good for US customers as they say they do not offer smart-dials for customers outside USA

  2. Okay, here is the question. I am in Canada. I am currently subscribing to the $3/month unlimited USA and Canada with Skype. Can I use this service to get to the US access number? Please check with them and let me know here. Thanks.

  3. As long as you can dial a US Access number from any country, you can use this service.

  4. Yes, as long as you can dial US access number, you can use. I did chat with the rep online yesterday. They told me they will have access numbers in Singapore, Canada, UK in another 10 days.


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