Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Free $5 Cash or call credit from Zenofone Facebook Promotion

Once again Zenofone has came with a new unique promotion. Zenofone is famous for New promotions, contest and free trial credit to make free international calls. All Zenofone users must have got the mail today about Zenofone Facebook Promotion for $5 free Cash or calling credit.

This is a Facebook promotion and main thing which you have to do is, post something special about Zenofone in Facebook. There are two prizes to be won -

Prize 1 : $5 credit for updating your status with you link and post something about zenofone

Prize 2 (bonus) : To the person who posts the best post about Zenofone

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Here is the Snapshot of the email

Dear Zenofone user,
User ID #****

Zenofon is trying something new. It's third promotion this week. We want to rent your Facebook status update box. We don't think anyone has ever done this before. Once again, Zenofon is probably the first to try a new idea. We don't think it will be the last time either. New ideas that make your life better are what we specialize at in Zenofon.

All you have to do to earn the $5 is this: Post something good about Zenofon with your
link in your Facebook status update field and then check if I can see it using this link that will connect you to If we can't see it, your privacy settings might be set too restrictively. If you want the $5 credit, and you don't want to change your settings, you will have to send a screenshot to so you can have the credit added that way. Or you can just add me as a friend on Facebook.

Zenofon will give a bonus prize to the person who posts the best post about us. The bonus amount is contingent on how many people post about Zenofon this week. If 10 people post, the bonus is $10, if 50 do, the bonus is $50, (we are capping the bonus at $100 until we get our venture capital financing.)

The best post will be judged based on creativity, credibility, and how effectively it communicates the advantages of Zenofon products and services. As of now, I will be the judge, but perhaps I can find someone else who I think is a more impartial judge to decide who gets the bonus prize.
Ideally, your facebook status update could mention all or some of the following:

1) Zenofon is giving $3 coupon(
Click here to redeem) away for free now to people who sign up with a valid mobile phone number. The coupon is time released. $1 is given up front. $2 more is released over the next 4 days. People who sign up with a landline phone number get $1 after a 24 hour delay. No credit card is needed to get the free time.
2) That you are getting $5 to post this and if they sign up and post an update they will get the same.

3) That Zenofon lets its customers choose from 9 low routes so the customers get to fix quality problems themselves or choose a route based on economy vs. quality.

4) That Zenofon gives you 30 numbers for free that you can call forward overseas, so you never need a PIN and you can store these numbers in your phone for each contact.

5) That Zenofon credits your account with $1 when they make their first free test call.

6) That Zenofon lets them call Skype numbers from their cellphone without having to download Skype.

7) That Zenofon pays recurring micro-endorsements from everyone's recharges who signed up below you, even 25 levels away.

8) That Zenofon has signed up 27,500 members already. All joining via word of mouth and social networking.
9) That the president of Zenofon is extremely handsome and makes funny jokes.

Good Luck, and read the small print below,

Baruch Herzfeld

President Zenofon

Enjoy Free calls....

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