Saturday, August 21, 2010 Cheap Home Phone Residential Service from USA $8.25/month Unlimited Plan(Real Cheap Deal)

VoIP based phone services are very cheap and popular in USA. Because of consistency and high internet bandwidth available in US; choosing VoIP phone service is much better than a conventional home phone line. VoIP gives you option to make high quality cheap international phone calls. Today we will discuss about services, a service backed by HostGator. VoIPo provides Home & Home Office VoIP and Toll free number services. Lets discuss VoIPo services in detail.

VoIPo is a completely US based company backed by HostGator. We like VoIPo services because of there cheap price.

Home Phone Service plan($8.25/month for 1 year contract)
  • Residential Freedom Plan
  • Unlimited free calls to USA/Canada
  • Over 38 Calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling, Advanced Voice mail, Online Voice mail Access, Online Call History, Add Contacts, Custom Incoming Caller ID, Advanced Call Routing, Call Forwarding, Fail-over Capability, E911 Service, Telemarketer Block, Do Not Disturb, Outbound Faxing Tool, 411 Directory Assistance, *69 Call Return, *67 Caller ID Blocking, Voice mails E-Mailed, Text Notifications, Friendly US Based Support
  • Keep Your existing number
  • 2nd cloned line
  • Free Equipment and priority shipping
  • Free Activation
  • Cheap International Calling rates - INDIA 2 cents/min
  • 60 free international calling minutes to limited destinations
  • Online Chat Support
  • No computer required, connect to ordinary phone
The only thing which is missing is a softphone support. But still we think VoIPo is a very good deal for people who want to have a unlimited nationwide calling facility and make few minutes of international calling.


  1. The voip services are great. You can make phone calls all over the World for low rates. It's really nice.

  2. Great post. Thank you for sharing.
    You've really helped me!

  3. Replies
    1. sucks big time
      I am on a daily support with them on voice quality and they can't fix it. I may have to take refund and go elsewhere,

  4. I paid $149 for two years of service. most of the time the service is down. If you looking to waste money that's the way to go.

  5. Thanks for posting this, we all are getting low rates these days.

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