Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Free worldwide calls to your Facebook friends with Vonage Facebook Mobile Application

Facebook is becoming a very popular platform for marketing. Today only we have published about Free $5 Zenofone cash or credit, and here comes one more from Vonage. Vonage has launched "Vonage Facebook Application" today for Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Apple iPad(coming soon)and Android. This application allows you to make free calls to any of your Facebook friends who has the same application.

Vonage free Facebook Application actually works on WiFi or 3G/4G connection. Follow these steps to make free international calls to your Facebook friends -

STEP 1 : Visit Vonage Facebook Application Page and download the application.

STEP 2 : Run the application and sign in by your Facebook login credentials (only First time)

STEP 3 : Look for your Facebook friends who also have the same application

Now you can call your Facebook friend without dialing any number and charges. (only Data charges may apply). Your friend will receive incoming calls even he has not opened the App. Here is a short Video showing how it works.

Please make a note of following points -
  • You don't need to be a Vonage customer to use the application
  • You and your partner must have this application installed, other you will be only able to do Text chat
  • Your friend must have included his Phone number in Facebook profile
To know more about Vonage Mobile Click here

So go ahead and try this new Vonage Facebook Application to make free calls to your friends...


  1. Oh no ,it is only for moblie right or i can use in PC

  2. only for Apple iPhone, iPod and android mobiles

  3. So to make calls, say I am on wifi and log in to my account and want to call my friend. Do my friend also have to be online to receive my call? I know that he/she don't have to open the opp on their iPhone. Assuming we both are using iPhones. Please explain

  4. Hi Kiran

    If you both have iPhone and only you are online then also your friend will get call.(Both shd have internet)

  5. Question.
    How can we make PC or laptop be voip server. By adding hardware of software each unit can become voip readyfor free calls worldwide.
    Do you know any option for this?
    Thank you


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