Sunday, August 8, 2010

netTALK Duo : Free calls to USA Canada No Computer Required (Better Than MagicJack & Ooma)

Which product was the most hit in VoIP industry? No doubt it was Magic Jack, a product offering Free Calls to USA and Canada with USA incoming number.Magic Jack was Product of the Year 2008, 2009 by PC Magazine. There are number of similar products available in the market like Ooma, Vonage, netTALK. In past we have coverd netTALK TK6000 in our blog, now the same company has launched its second generation product i.e. netTALK Duo. Today we will discuss about netTALK duo features and its comparison with MagicJack and Ooma.

netTALK DUO is a very portable device which can be connected with or without computer to the internet to give you a full featured phone service. Features in netTALK duo are same as old TK6000 except look and quality. Main features are -
  • Free USA Phone Number
  • Free Local and Long Distance calls in USA and CANADA
  • Free Directory Assistance
  • Free E911 Registration, Call Waiting and Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding/Multi-Ring
  • Three Way Calling
  • Free calls to other netTALK DUO & TK6000 on the planet
  • Travel friendly pocket sized device
  • No Computer Required for using service(optional)
  • 2 Step Setup.. No technical expertise or drivers required
  • Flexibility to use with USB computer or directly through Router

netTALK DUO comes in $69.95 with one year of free phone service. 30 days money back, No Contracts. From second year onwards $29.95/year. Product shipped with all required cables and accessories required (except Phone).

Limitations with other services

Phone company, Vonage, or Comcast digital voice:
1. stuck in long term contract
2. must pay monthly phone bills
3. no free calls to family and friends in Canada
4. not portable
5. more expensive
1. must keep computer turned on 24/7
2. if your computer turns off or goes to sleep, you can't make or receive phone calls
3. no human beings present when you call tech support
1. Their Premier program has monthly phone bills
2. no free calls to family and friends in Canada
3. not portable, small and compact
4. cannot connect using your computer
5. more expensive

Clearly, netTALK has edge over other services. Try it and share you experience.

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  1. can netalk be used in the PC in other countries and call to US as it can be done from majic jack?


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