Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Make Free Phone calls to US/CANADA from Gmail (Directly from Browser)

This is Big !! Now you can make Free calls directly from your Gmail Chat Page in your browser. Amazing isn`t it? Gmail has got a new feature, by which you can directly call anyone in the world directly from your Gmail page. No need to pick up phone or install any software. Read on for more details.

Google is very innovative in implementing new ideas. The latest one is integration of Google Voice account with your Gmail Chat. Now you can see a Friend "Call Phone" in the chat Friend list. Just click on the that and dial the number directly.
Here are the main features -
  • Direct calling from Browser (No Softphone Required)
  • Uses user Google Voice account for making international calls
  • Call to USA/Canada are free for 2010
  • Excellent Voice quality and quick connection
  • If you have a Google Voice phone number, calls made from Gmail will display this number as the outbound caller ID. And if you decide to, you can receive calls made to this number right inside Gmail
  • You just need to have Google Voice and Video chat Plugin installed

I tried calling USA number using Gmail and it works like a charm. So go ahead and enjoy this new feature in Gmail :)

Visit Here for details


  1. can you please explaine more about:
    You just need to have Google Voice and Video chat
    Plugin installed.
    Thank you

  2. excellent!!!

    you can find more information by clicking the link "Google Voice and Video chat Plugin" in this article.


  3. best voip blog

  4. hi,

    i'm trying to call us from india...and the voice plug-in doesn't installing "call phone" in gmail chat window. i have windows7. pls help

  5. which browser you are using.. ?

  6. which browser you are using.. ? Tell About the Software


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