Monday, July 5, 2010

Free $5 credit Talktime with iHoot iPhone Application

iPhone Apps are the biggest factor behind the iPhone success. Many VoIP companies have came with there iPhone application to make cheap or even free phone calls. Few of the names includes Pingo, MyGlobalTalk and Betamax. Today we will discuss about iHoot iPhone application, which can give you a free $5 credit to try there service and make free calls to anywhere in the world from your iPhone.

iHoot is a service provided by, which is a New York based company providing Long distance services. iHoot service can be only used from iPhone. That means you don’t have freedom of using your credit without your iPhone.

Let`s Discuss about free $5 credit – Follow these steps to get your free credit

  • Go to and click on download now or click here
  • Download iHoot from ITunes, free of cost
  • Once you Register your new account, you will get your $5 credit
You can use this credit to make calls to anywhere in the world. This $5 credit will allow you to make 151 minutes ( @3.3cents/min) calls to INDIA.

While using iHoot and continuing with it please make a note of these points –
  • iHoot is a free to download Application
  • iHoot doesn’t requires mobile data plan on you iPhone
  • iHoot dials a Toll Free number from your iPhone to connect you to the desired destination, this may cost your Mobile minutes. Please check before using
Overall if you have iPhone try this $5 credit and enjoy making free calls.


  1. Can`t Create new account with i-Hoot app , every time i try to create new account is give me error or give me username or password you entered is not correct.

  2. i-hoot ripped me off. I had to pay 578.47 as a monthly bill because i-hoot scams you by saying they give 5 dollars if u download the application. I downloaded the application on the 26th of March 2011. I then made an international call that was connected directly through my phone (NOT THROUGH iHOOT). And when I called the iHoot company the customer service representative was rude and was not ready to take any responsibility whatever. BEWARE. I will post this review everyday until they fix or do something about it. If you want to know if I am telling you the truth you can contact me at

  3. friend everytime when u call from any voip set your iphone on plane mode. no trust


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