Monday, September 20, 2010 Review : Cheap international calls from USA

It has been a long time since we have discussed about some new VoIP or calling card service for cheap calls to INDIA. Today we will review "Aalap calling card" in terms of hidden charges and reliability. is owned by Ipsita Telecom Services. They claim to provide very cheap international calls to INDIA, Pakistan, Bangladesh and 200 other countries. Here are the main points which we have noticed -
  • No secured payment gateway (if you pay by credit card, you card information is not encrypted)
  • No SSL found in payment page
  • Admin Fee of 9.99% on all orders
  • No other fees like Rent, maintenance Fee or connection fee
  • No expiration of credit
  • Cheap call rates to INDIA starting from 1.08 cents.min to 1.1 cents/min
  • No contract
  • Limited but enough Local Access numbers
  • Minimum $10 purchase required
  • No online chat support
This service looks cheap but the main point is that they don't have a secured payment gateway to process the orders. This was the only point which comes in our mind before using this service. Hence we will not recommend the service. But still if you want to try the service here is how you can use it
Just visit this link

They say "Refer and WIN free minutes", but their website doesn't provide any information on how to refer your friends to win free minutes.

Please share your experience in comments.


  1. Great post and very nice website. Definitely I'll share it with my friends.

  2. Well folks, I appreciate the above review. This is just a personal finding that I wish to share as a user of Call2roots online calling cards. They do have a secured payment gateway , that is PayPal. Besides there is also SSL , that can be found on the home page. (certified by COMODO). The 24x7 helpline is also sound. Personally I have never faced any problem. There isn't anything fraudulent or spurious..... Thank u -- (


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