Monday, September 6, 2010

Fring announce Fringout Preview Cheap VoIP calls from Mobiles

Now you got one more reason to love most popular mobile Communication Application. Yes we are talking about Fring, which enabled Free Video Calling and multi platform voice and text chats to mobiles. Fring has now announced its own cheap VoIP calling service called FringOut, as of now for Nokia Symbian S60 Mobiles.

Before we get in to more detail, we would like to inform our readers that still FringOut is in preview(Beta) phase. Here are the main highlight points -
  • Cheap domestic and international calls directly from Fring application
  • Cheap Call rates starting from 1 cents. For INDIA starting from 1.3 US cents/min
  • Fring to Fring voice, Video and calls to other services are still free (Gtalk)
  • You can still use any SIP service as you were using in previous Fring versions
  • Directly buy credit from Fring website or from mobile
  • Paypal(only from Fring website) and Credit card(phone & Fring Website) option available to buy credit
Now lets see how we can use Fringout service.

STEP 1 :: Goto
STEP 2 :: Download the Fringout preview application for your mobile
STEP 3 :: Install the application and sign up for Fringout form mobile application (you need to overwrite previous version of Fring in case its already installed)
STEP 4 :: Buy Fringout credits either from Phone or from Fringout page (Fring Self Care)

Now you are ready to use the service, simply press the dial button on application and select Fringout call. Now dial the number in international format.

Noteworthy point is you can only purchase Fring credit in two amounts i.e. 10 EUR or 20 EUR. I think Fring should consider that people want to tryout the service with comparatively less amount and then carry on. By the way I have tried the service on my Omnia i8910 and its works good. You will get same quality as you get in fring voice calls.


  1. there are more and more call providers out there. So far I have been using Briing which recently launched new service GlocalTalk to make cheap international calls. But I might give these guys a try as well.

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  4. I used to use fring initially but later I stopped. Fring has to lower or make their cost at par with the call rate to those provided by betamax/jumblo to make me interested. Customer service for betamax/jumblo are indeed non existent, However in past 5-6 years I never had any problem with them too.

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