Thursday, September 9, 2010 Send Free Fax Online to the U.S. and Canada without Registration

Sending Fax over internet is a big cost cutting factor. EFax saves the cost of costly Fax machine hardware. In Past we have discussed many services to send or receive free Fax over internet like Efax Free, Today we will discuss about,which allows you to send free fax to anyone within US/Canada without any registration or credit card information. offers free 3 page fax to anyone in US/Canada. Main features of the service are-
  • Truly FREE!
  • No-Ad free fax cover page
  • 3 pages per fax maximum
  • 2 free faxes per day maximum
  • Send Text, Doc or PDF file
How to Send Free Fax using

STEP 1 :: Visit
STEP 2 :: Fill in the receiver and sender information
STEP 3 :: Upload the PDF or DOC file or type the text you want to send as fax

Thats it... Now you are ready to send the Free FAX. provides paid services also, by which you can send cheap Fax to anywhere in the world with following features-
  • Premium Pay-Per-Fax Service
  • Fax 1 document up to 30 pages
  • Priority delivery
  • No-Ad free fax cover page
  • Secure payment through PayPal
  • Encrypted connection
  • Technical support
To send a internation Fax visit GotFreeFax international Page and then click on the country you want to send the fax.

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