Wednesday, January 5, 2011 International Prepaid Direct Calling service from USA Review

Rebtel is one of the most successful and widely used prepaid international calling service. Rebtel offers cheap international calls to various destinations with direct dialing.Today we will discuss about which is very similar service like Rebtel. gives you a direct dial local USA number for your international contacts.

Rebtel become very popular because of Direct calling facility. With direct calling facility, provider gives you a local number for your international contact. When you dial that local number, your call will be directly connected to preset international number. That means you need to pay only local part of the call. This is indeed a very fast and convenient way to make international calls as you don`t need to enter any pins or long international number.

Lets check about now - is similar to services. Here are the steps you need to follow to use the service -

STEP 1 :Register free with your valid information - You will receive you account user ID and password on email immediately.

STEP 2 : You can directly add funds via Debit/Credit card.

STEP 3 : After Login, Goto My contacts and add any international number. will give you a local USA Number which can be used as direct dial number.

You can also call any number without adding in to your contact list by just calling the main number provided on My contacts section. Calling rates are little costly with, for INDIA you need to pay 3 US cents/min, While with Rebtel can call INDIA in just 1.79 cents/min. Overall its a good but costly option for the people who don`t want much hassle to make international calls.


  1. What about StanaCard. They offer the same service and they have been around for a very long time. I like them..

  2. 3 cents to India? Spare us this joke, please!

  3. Thanks for the advise, I signed up with local011 and it's really easy.. saves me $$$ on my international calls since I make calls everyday for my business, but most of the time I need to call from my cell phone.

  4. I like the service of I found the quality actually better then rebtel

  5. Thank you for the Info, I signed up with Local011 and I've been using it for 2 weeks now.. I actually tried other services including Rebtel but I find Local011 to have a much better call quality..
    I also like the fact that they have a phone number to call when u have a question, and their customer service is very nice.
    I highly recommend for your international call needs.

  6. hey 3 cents to call india do you giving advertisement ?

  7. @Anonymous

    I have clearly written that its costly.


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