Friday, December 31, 2010

VoIPdiscount calling rate to India reduced to less than Smartvoip, Rynga, Jumblo and Actionvoip, part of Dellmont VoIP group,  has reduced calling rate to India. Now you can call India at the rate of just 0.0055 and 0.0065 EUR per minute to India mobile and landline respectively.

Voipdiscount Features
  • SIP calling (
  • Calls over Wifi and 3G
  • VoipDiscount Mobile for iphone and Nokia symbian phones
  • Lowcaller mobile app to use minutes included in your monthly mobile contract
  • Local Access numbers
  • Voip-in, your own voip telephone number
  • SMS, send sms from your computer
  • Phone-to-phone, calls direct from your browser
  • Areacode, making local calls easy
  • Various payment methods
  • Resellers and agents

Apart from this voipdiscount also offers free calls to around 35 destinations under fair use policy if you recharge your account. However you can try voipdiscount for free for the destinations marked as free.

Check voipdiscount website for details


  1. Afterall don't forget!!! voipdiscount is Betamx. So expect the rate hike as they get more customers. good deal untill you get surprise.


  2. I have observed that they are very expensive for countries such as Bahrain and UAE, but India is really cheap. I am starting to see Umesh's point that they are holding down India's rate artificially until one morning, all the money you paid will get frittered away, and India will end up just like the others!

  3. For now I am very happy with Fastvoip configured in my Nokia.

  4. tell me about it GOOD??

  5. How use fastvoip on iphone

  6. How fastvoip can use in iphone4.

  7. cyborgvoip is good in case of recharge of credit but its good for customers in russia only but fastvoip has bank integrity n other payment options which cyborgvoip doesnt...

  8. how many country can call free whit voip discount?

  9. I think voxvax is good. excellent clarity and rates are cheaper than others..


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