Saturday, December 4, 2010

$10 Free Google voice credit for Military families Free talktime for Christmas

Staying in touch with family and friends is a bigger challenge for Military people. This holiday season Google has came up with a special offer for Military people to stay in touch with Family and friends for free. You can get $10 free free Google voice call credit to use with Google voice App/ Gmail voice. Please read on for details.

Google is offering a $10 calling credit to help Military families reach their loved ones serving abroad. For this, Google has partnered partnered with Blue Star Families and Sesame Street, two organizations dedicated to supporting service members and their families.

To be eligible for $10 calling credits, military family members must:

1. Be a member of either Blue Star Families or Sesame Street Family Connections — registration is free for all military families
2. Provide their Gmail address
3. Enable calling in Gmail and accept the terms of service OR have an existing Google Voice
4. Complete this registration form by December 22, 2010

Source : Google Voice Blog

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  1. everyone is offering free calls for the holiday season.. is also offering free upto 30 minutes.

  2. There will be no armed forces who will be lonely this season as Google is offering a $10 calling credit to help military families reach their loved ones serving abroad.Praises to the two organizations that are supporting service members and their families as well.But I'm quite not satisfied for the offer although our soldiers deserve such treat. I hope Google will also grant every deserving family this kind of offer. Anyways, in my case, I am satisfied with my recent network since they almost provide me all I want - from cheap domestic calls to affordable international calls. I hope everyone is experiencing the same thing as mine.


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