Thursday, December 16, 2010

FastVoip promo code to get 25% extra free credit for new or existing users

Trying to buy credit from fastvoip, then you can use promo code FREEVCALLS12 to get 25% free credit. It means if you buy 10 EUR credit you get 12.5 EUR credit.

How to use this promo code?
From my account area: Buy credit, select the payment method among Visa, Bank transfer, American Express, Mastercard, CashU or PayPal.

Then use this FastVOIP promo code: FREEVCALLS12
This promo code  is Valid till: 2010-12-31 23:59:59 and for new and existing users

Use this promo code to call your friends and family on this new year and Christmas with effectively 25% reduced calling rate.


  1. Vikas,

    Please contact me asap. Thanks.



  2. is the offer revised for 2011.

  3. when im try to purches via cashu its asking Promo code what is this code.

  4. hi, this promo code is expired, you can purchase without promo code


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