Thursday, February 17, 2011 Review : 15 minute free trial call and free Fax

Ad based sponsored international calling services becoming more popular these days. Recently we have discussed about which provided free international calling to any country. But today we will discuss about a German telecom company Dcalling which provides host of calling service with free trial. provides calling services at little higher prices (Calling India @ 2.9 Euro cent/min), so will only focus about free calls and trial from provided Trial in two ways -

Without Registration -

This will allow you to call for half minute per number per day. That means from your mobile you can call 10 or 20 different number. Follow these steps -

STEP 1 : Goto homepage
STEP 2 : Enter calling number and caller number

Dcalling will call both the numbers and connect you.

With Registration -
This step will give you 0.42 Euro cent credit without any credit card or sensitive information. Just follow these steps -

STEP 1 : Goto and click on Signup
STEP 2 : Enter all required information(Valid email ID)
STEP 3 : You will get a confirmation email from Dcalling, Just click on the link in the email

Now you will get 0.42 Euro credit in your account.

How to use Services

You can use Free credit by one of the method-

1. Web phone - Login to your account, goto Navigation >>> Online >>> WEB- Phone
2. Fring or SIP client - use below SIP settings-
SIP/IAX USERNAME : get this in your account info
SIP/IAX PASSWORD : get this in your account info
AUDIO CODECS : G711 aLaw, G711 uLaw, GSM
3. Web Callback - Login to your account, goto Navigation >>> Online >>> WEB- Callback

You can also send fax using free credit. just go to FAX menu in your account.

Over all service quality is very good and it provides multiple platforms to use the services. The only things which goes against it is cost, it is very costly when compared to other similar service providers.

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