Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unlimited ISD calling Hack Make free calls from mobile without Registration

Looks like you don`t need to pay anymore for phone calls. Recently we have published about CallArc which is ADs/Survey sponsored free VoIP service. But today we will tell you a hack which allows you make unlimited free international/long distance calls without any registration or Ads. Read on for details.

This hack/trick is really useful and easily. Absolutely no registration required. Just Enter your mobile or phone number and your friends phone number. System will call you both and connect you.

Today we will discuss about Economycalling.com which is relatively a new international calling provider. They provide services based on callback model. Call quality is excellent.

Hack or Trick to make unlimited free calls

STEP 1 : Goto Economycalling.com
STEP 2 : Your Phone Number & Your Friend`s Phone Number , This can be of same of different country
STEP 3 : Click on Submit button, Now System will give you a specific number
STEP 4 : Call that number from your mobile and hangup after two rings (you will not be charged for this)

Now you will receive a call from Economycalling.com system and they will connect you to your friend. This call will last 1 minute. But don`t worry, again call the same number and hangup after two rings. You will again get a call from system and they will connect you. No need to repeat step 1 to 3, if you want to call same friend.

Please note every number which system gives you is specific for particular destination number. so once you get this number save it in your phone book.

There is no daily limit per number to make call. You can call as many friends you want. But every call will be only 1 minute.Above all, don`t signup otherwise you will not be able to enjoy free Calls. We have tested this and it works 100%.

If you face any problem comment here.



  2. Really! Why are these people even thinking up these insulting promotions? 1 minute?! What can you say in 1 minute?!! Who wants that? We already have Tuitalk that gives 2 minutes free 3 times a day. If you sign up with multiple accounts, you can call as many times as you want, except each ID can call three times, but two minutes each time.

    This one is an absolute waste of time and annoying.

  3. not working for india to russia calls........

  4. when i enter my phone number and my frds phone number it is telling that it is invalid phone number even though it is valid number.........
    should i enter even the code also? already tre is code written in d other box do i need to ryt again when wrting the phone number.....i am from muscat and want to call india plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  5. Dear anonymous

    No need to include country code...only phone number is enough... Double check whether you have selected correct country. Also try calling different number.


  6. sir after making six free calls then there is no incoming call from company i think the company made some time or call limits number is it true pls help me

  7. I tried by calling continuously. Could make upto Ten calls after that the incoming calls stopped. One of my friend signed up, says call rates provided are actually economical.

  8. Have tried making long distance calls to countries Like (USA and some in Europe) , sound is clear and voice quality is good.
    1 minute trail call is free to try the service , rather then go in a subscribtion .So user can make a free call and decide whether to go for it or no.

  9. I tried free call to my friend India to UAE.. it worked.. and call charges also very cheap if we signup..
    thnx buddy..

  10. hi
    i went to the home page there i dont see any place to enter my and my friends phone #. what to do.

  11. And now.. this service is no more....!! :(

  12. ya its not there man


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