Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 EUR Free Fringout Credit:Free Mobile VoIP Calls 250 Min free calls to INDIA

Fring is one of the most popular Mobile VoIP application. Last year Fring launched its cheap Mobile VoIP service Fringout. It became popular for cheaper rates and excellent voice quality. Today we will tell about an offer which can give you $3 or 3Euro free Fringout credit.

Offer details are -

  • Offer valid Until March 1st, 7am GMT
  • Fring will add 3$/EUR BONUS credit with every purchase. (250 mins calls to INDIA @ 1.2cents/Min)
  • Minimum purchase is 10Euro. i.e. 30% Extra credit
  • Limit of 1 claim per customer.

Know more about Fringout service.

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