Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rebtel Black Friday Madness : Deposit $10 get $30

This Black Friday, Rebtel is offering 200% extra credit to the new customers. This means you will pay $10 and get 30 USD of balance to call your country. For example the effective rate to call India would be only 30 paise per minute. Please keep in mind that this offer is valid for only one and half day (Friday 25-26th Nov 2011) and is only for the new customers. This is really a great offer from your Rebtel to save money on your international calls.

How to get triple bonus credit?
  • Please register with this Rebtel offer link.
  • Then accept the offer.
  • Now you should see the voucher code tripleup25nov on your signup page. If you don’t see this then type this voucher code.
Rebtel offers good quality calls with excellent support. For your satisfaction you can also try the rebtel for 5 minutes before you buy the credit. Moreover you can also use Rebtel iPhone and Android application to call from your mobile.

Once you buy the credit for $10, your account will be credited with $30 USD.

Important- Timings of offer validity
Below you can find the timings (24 hours) during which the offer is valid. Please note that if you register before of after this time, you might not be eligible for this offer.

EUROPE-Central European Time (CET)
Register between 25 Nov 00:00 Hrs – 26 Nov 12:00 Hrs

United Kingdom - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Register between 24 Nov 23:00 Hrs – 26 Nov 11:00 Hrs

USA and canda - Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Please register bettwen 24 Nov 18:00 Hrs – 26 Nov 06:00 Hrs

India -Indian standard time (IST)
Register between 25 Nov 04:30 Hrs – 26 Nov 16:30 Hrs

Others- Calculate timings in your time zone.

Happy calling with Rebtel


  1. Is there any trick to use this for existing customers?

  2. I am going to register a new account with another number of mine which is not registered with Rebtel. Then pay with other credit/debit card.
    Just waiting for this offer to start tonight.

  3. Registered with PC application as my phone number is not supported. Nowhere did it ask for the voucher code (tripleup25nov) while registering. No bonus(20$) received. Wasted 10$.

  4. Hi Anonymous, Yes you are right, there is not place to use the voucher code with PC application for unsupported countries, Rebtel should have clarified this on their website.
    Please contact the Rebtel support if you want a refund. They might help you in this. Let us know if we can help you.

    Moreover lot of our friends took the advantage of this offer and they got their credit tripled,

  5. open two different accounts and got USD 60 Had to pay 1.5 % vat but it was not bad


  6. I signed up today, but didnt get the extra credit....

  7. I signed up a few days ago and am still not seeing the extra $20.


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