Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fringout World Unlimited calling Plan $7/month for Android & iOS

Fring is one of the most used mobile communication application. We use fring to make free VoIP calls and Video calls across the globe. As you already know fring provides instant messaging, Free Voice calling, SIP and Video calling. One of the useful features of Fring is Fringout which is nothing but cheap international phone calling from your Fring application using GPRS/3G or WiFi. Today we will discuss about new unlimited world calling plan from Fring. Read on for more details on benefits, restrictions and fair usage policy.
Fring today launches its Unlimited world calling plan at a very cheap and reasonable rate.

Fring out subscription is only available for Android & iOS (iPhone,iPad, iPodTouch).
Subscription is NOT supported for Nokia devices

Below countries are included in the plan

Landlines & mobiles
United States, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Guam, Thailand, Puerto Rico

Only landlines
Argentina, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Finland, South Korea, Russia, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Belgium, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Chile, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Croatia, Hungary, New Zealand, Switzerland, Czech, Ireland, Norway, Taiwan, Denmark, Israel, Poland, UK

Fair use policy
  • No more than 3 hour per day.
  • No more than 20 different numbers can be called per day
  • No more than 50 different numbers can be called per month.
  • Subscriptions are for individual use only and should be used by single person.
  • Once these limits are exceeded, fring will charge normal rates and for any additional minutes used.
Final words
Fring is always very competitive in terms of calling rates. Best part is Fring is kind of all in one application for your mobile phone. Overall its a good deal but please check fair usage policy before taking the subscription.


  1. Too bad.. India is not in the list :(

  2. too bad too... yemen is not in the list


  4. Too bad.. Thailand is not in the list :

  5. please include India in subscription list, There are many Indians abroad who would call their families with monthly unlimited call to mobile and landline to India.


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