Saturday, November 19, 2011

SIPMEE offers $0.5 free SIP calling trial credit for PC Mobile iPhone Android

We have published about free Skype voucher post few days back but unfortunately company has stopped the same within few hours of posting because of heavy rush. Now it shows temporary unavailable. But no problem today we will discuss about SIPMEE which will give you 0.5USD free trial credit without any obligation or credit card information. Read on for details.

SIPMEE is Hongkong based VoIP calling company providing UCSwitch, VoIP and soft phone services. SIPMEE offers services for residential as well as commercial users through various plans. For residential users unlimited USA/CANADA plan start from $8.25 per month. However you have option to use outgoing only option without any fee. Below are the service provided by SIPMEE
  • Residential calling service - Internet based phone services
  • Calling card based international calling service
  • Call back service
  • Hosted PBX
  • Mobile VoIP calling application based on SIP
Lets discuss about VoIP and mobile SIP calling where you are getting $0.5 free trial credit.

How to get SIPMEE free trial credit
  • Visit and click on new signup
  • Fill out the form using a valid email id
  • Check your mail box for confirmation email and click on the link
  • Thats it... You are done now you can login to SIPMEE account and you will see $0.5 free credit
How to use SIPMEE credit to make calls through PC or mobile
To use it on PC, download any SIP dialer like X-lite, Zoiper
For mobile download any SIP dialer which supports your phone

Now login to your SIPmee account and click on SIP Profiles>> Profile settings to get your SIP username and password.

Other required SIPMEE SIP settings are

SIP Proxy:
SIP Port: 5060

Dialing method : use country code + number without any zero or `+` sign e.g. for INDIA 911234567890

SIPMEE offers variety of services on SIP. You can setup those in features option.

We have tested this service and it works fine with both PC and CSipSimple mobile dialer.


  1. Hi Rahul,
    I did not get any credit with sipmee ucms. When I login, it show balance in USD, type prepay but balance is 0.00000.

  2. ^^same prob wid me :(

  3. @Vikcy & Anonymous

    I have tested it at the time of publishing the article and i got $0.5.

    check this

  4. Thanks ; i got only 0.1 USD

  5. yes
    i got 0.6
    that is nice but will have to work hard.

  6. HI guys, I also got $0.2 but i m using eyebeam SIP client and when i make a call it says "person not available" don't know what's the problem now also eyebeam does not have any SIP port may be coz of which it creat's calling issue.

    Plz any1 help me.

  7. @Junaid

    Have you used proper dialing method... try using on mobile also ... for pc prefer Zoiper

  8. Great Thanks Rahul Zoiper works for me...........
    Thanks Once again..........:)

  9. when I press submit button, after filling up as per requirement the pages acts as submitted. but it is followed by a bank page saying (page loading completed) done. and nothing happens thereafter.
    tried 2 to 3 times.
    what is wrong?
    can any body help me?


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