Sunday, March 10, 2013

FAXBetter Free Incoming Toll free Fax number & Fax on email

Receiving faxes over the internet is getting popular these days because of cost savings associated with it. There are number of internet fax providers Like eFax which we have already covered in the past. FaxBetter is an application concept for an individual who needs instant access to all received faxes by using ones computer with internet access, this eradicates the hassles of having a physical fax machine.

FaxBetter neither requires hardware setup nor software to install and it as easy as email. All one needs is sign up for a FaxBetter account, once the free sign up is complete a unique toll free number is generated per email account. The service converts traditional faxes in to digital documents and then emails them to registered email account of an individual.

Advantages of FaxBetter can be scrolled below:
• There is no expiration of the fax number assigned plus there are no ads and comes with 30 days trail offer.
• Trusted and dedicated transmission success.
• Secure faxing ensures permanent database in form of email account which also enables ease in search operation.
• Fax documents / pdf are remains online, fax page limits to 20 pages per month with storage of around 1000 pages.
• Secured and might help for reduce power consumption.
*You will get 30 days free Fax to email feature. After which you can still receive fax but you need to check them on FAXBetter website. However you will be notified with email once a fax is received for you.

Limitations are:
• Free account restrains to incoming of fax and fax to email facility after 30 days
• Does not offer transmission to local fax number and phone support is also a missing link.

FaxBetter is a worthy tool for the people looking for a free Fax incoming alternative and don`t want to invest in electronic equipments or high per month subscriptions.

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