Saturday, April 13, 2013

Galaxy S4 Dual Camera Feature on Windows 8 Phone

Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S4 comes in with a built in feature “Dual Camera Photo Capture” which makes dual camera even more fun and easy to include the photographer’s pic in his own pictures. Lets see how you can do the same thing on your Windows Phone for free.

In this article we will explore how to use this camera feature with the help of an app in Windows 8 mobile.
Dual Cam Photo (DCP) is one of its kind apps, which lets you toggle between both your cameras.

Let us now understand how the app works:

1. Download the app from Windows Phone Store.
2. From the app take the shot from rear camera.
3. After the automatic delay in settings picture will be taken from front camera
4. Merged picture will be saved in a separate folder in the Gallery depending on the resolution options specified by you.

To conclude, you can adjust the delay time and the resolution of pictures from the settings. One drawback is that for taking photo you will be able to use capture button given on the screen only. And it has stability issues in terms of countdown and saving pictures in the gallery.

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