Saturday, April 20, 2013

Smartbel Review: a mobile doorbell - never miss a knock knock

Everybody knows how important a doorbell is. Have you heard of a smart door bell? Smart because it will connect you to your guest even if you are not able to attend guest. Let discuss about Smartbel and see what makes it a smart bell.
Here’s a new system that accomplishes an often requested smart home task - connecting a caller at your front door to wherever you are in the world via your mobile phone (or landline). Visitor remains unaware that you are out, so this can be good for security as well as personal reasons. It’s also useful for disabled people that can’t easily answer their door.
SMARTBEL is an intelligent doorbell, which once pressed, links to a mobile or landline phone (individually configured) meaning that you can talk without having to answer the door. Mobile GSM SIM card is activated inside the SMARTBEL. Set up is by transmitting a simple text message. Installation is easy, it being plug and play device.

The unit contains indoor transmitter connected to mains adapter and couple of power cables and is priced around £ 130. There is no need for any specific software or application. The built is a tough impact resistant material and is water resistant made of poly-carbonate.
The sim charges are very minimal and as low as 6p per minute and 4p per text
Good things about Smartbel 
  • Connect to your guests even if you are away from home
  • A good Aid for disabled people
  • Plug and play with simple setup
Improvement Areas
  • Video calling would have been added advantage
  • Price is high
Detailed know-how can be surfed at SmartBell Website


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