Sunday, April 7, 2013

VoIP call rates to increase to India

The cheapest calling era to India is coming to an end as the call rate to India mobile are set to go up by more than 50%. However it won’t be that much expensive as it used to be a decade ago. Please check the call rates of your VoIP service to know the change in rate.

If you have not seen the increase yet then you may expect it in the coming months, especially if you are using the cheaper providers.

Ten years ago, it was too expensive to call India from abroad. Thanks to VoIP and big boost in India telecom sector over the past decade which helped to reduce the termination rates to India. It was 2006 when we used to pay around 5-10 cents per minute to call India, which consequently reduced to around 1-2 cents per minute, even cheaper than to call within India.

Nowadays, with the wide availability broadband and fast mobile data ( 3G/4G), its free to talk with Skype, Gtalk and with over 50 apps, if both parties have internet.

We will keep publishing alternative solutions to save money on your international calls.

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