Monday, February 1, 2010

finarX FAX : Send Free Fax directly from iPhone Get 2Euro Free Credit

finarX is a German company which provides document management requirements for private and corporate users. They have developed different document management applications for Apple iPhone, Android and Desktop PC/Mac. Today we will discuss about finarX Fax iPhone application which allows you to send FAX directly from your iPhone. But wait you are at FreeVcalls, so here we will tell you how to send free fax from iPhone and how to get 2Euro free trial credit to send free Fax from your iPhone.

finarXFax is a fax software for the iPhone. It works simply as you Fax from a fax machine to fax machine. Now you can fax text documents, photographs and other documents with your iPhone to any fax machine.

Lets see how it works --

You choose a captured image or document, then integrated image processing in finarXFax "cleans" the photo and converts it, if wanted, in a faxable black and white document. You can leave the photo unmodified and send the original picture.

On the provided front page sender, recipient and a free editable subject text will be displayed.

After this, the sending of a fax will implemented by using a fax service provider over the internet. The application actually supports InterFAX and sipgate.

Main Features of finarX FAX iPhone Application -

  • Take image of paper based document and fax it
  • send PDF documents (uploaded to iPhone or from iDisk)
  • send Ms Office documents like Word or Excel (uploaded to iPhone or from iDisk - only with InterFax provider!)
  • save fax on iDisk or send it via email
How to get 2Euro Free Credit to send Free FAX from iPhone

InterFAX offers for new customers of InterFAX and finarX Fax a test account with a 2€ credit. To get this you need to follow these steps -

  • Go to the InterFAX website contact form
  • Mention "finarX Fax promotion", your desired user name at InterFAX and your email address.
  • You will receive an email with your password . It will have a credit (equivalent of 2€ in your currency) which you can use with finarX Fax.

So enjoy Free Faxing from your iPhone....

You Download the application from Apple Store


  1. Sending fax from iphone is new technology as well as it's very useful for all of us.

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  3. Sounds great. I will try that if there is any chance.
    Now, I am using this Fax Server and everything is OK to me.


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