Friday, February 19, 2010

Rebtel call from PC from any country: Computer Calls with Skype

On regular basis, Rebtel offers 5 minutes of free trial minutes to new customers. The calls are provided via local access numbers where the users have to pay for the local call. This system also restrict the use of Rebtel from limited countries. Now you can use Rebtel from any country and call directly from your PC using your free Rebtel credit.
Try Rebtel free for 5 minutes

Rebtel does not provide any software to download, but two months ago, Rebtel introduced “Computer Calls” means, they allow you to call your Rebtel contacts from anywhere in the world using your regular Skype client.

I think most of the people already having Skype. So we don’t need to install additional software to use the Rebtel computer call.

Computer Calls also allow you to get a local number for your friends Skype Name and call them on it from your regular phone. In addition, you can also have all incoming Rebtel calls routed to your Skype client before having them go through to your preferred mobile or land line.


  1. A ONE-time 5 minute trial call? No thanks. It is almost laughable.

  2. customer help is almost non existant.
    I ask for help and get told to go to the web site. The web site doesn't answer my questions, so I go around in circles.
    Bad Bad Bad service


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