Wednesday, February 10, 2010 : never waste time trying free calls from muftphone

Muftphone means free phone, and in principle it should offer free phone calls to every user, but this website was a big SCAM. specially if you are participating in their survey. After this post, they have removed the survey. We strongly recommend to stay away from such survey or in any case don’t type any kind of PIN in you mobile if they ask to enter. However you can try their 10 minutes of free calls. If you are lucky enough you call will be through.

If you visit the, you will see "FREE long distance phone calls" and also offering 10 minutes and 2 hours free calls (removed after this review).

If you click on Upto 10 Minutes Free call, you will get the message, Please Submit your information in correct way, or if you are lucky, you may get PIN for 7-10 minutes of free calls to India and finally if you are lucky then you may get your call connected once some attempts. You can make on attempt  in 1 hour.  It would be a big time waste to get this muft calls. If you have enough time you can try.

After our review, they have temporarily removed this second option...
If you click on 2 Hour Free calls, you will be taken to participate a survey, which can cost you $5-10 without your knowledge.

Basically they are taking the advantage of unawareness of the customers as most of the customers do not bother read the terms and conditions and sometimes loose some money.

For example if you participate in Flycell survey and enter your number and PIN, you are allowing flycell to debit $9.99 from your cellphone balance as you don't read the following Terms & Conditions for Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Cellular One customers:

By entering the PIN code sent via text message to the cell phone number supplied by you on this page, you agree to Flycell's Terms of Use, Flycell's Privacy Policy and you acknowledge that you are subscribing to Flycell's ClubPack service at a cost of $9.99 per month.

This is just WARNING from freevcalls, Never ever try such offers unless until recommended by us or some verified sources.

Please share your experience about muftphone.


  1. Hey,
    You are right about their survey thing as that is something one should not try. But, I can not fathom what is wrong with the free service. My readers have been using it and they are happy with it. I do not want to forward them to a scam so if you could elaborate it I would appreciate that.


  2. Thanks vikas, I am saved.
    I trried 10 min free but couldn't work. so clicked tried 2 hrs. I was about to enter the PIN but some suspicion came into my mind so googled about it and found your helpful article. Thanks again and keep it up.


  3. @Dinesh,
    Are you promoting muftphone? but why, I don't see any reasons to promote it.

    For me one negative comment is enough to discard the service. Thanks anony for your comments.

    your readers also get the same error as mentioned above.

    Anyway, lets assume that out of 100 attempts one is able to make 2-7 minutes of free free calls, do you think that this service is worth.

    I would personally say, muftphone cheats the users and don't even visit the website, I am sure you will end-up loosing your lot of time and sometimes your money also.

    Rest is up-to my readers.


  4. Hi Vikas,
    Thanks for clarifying. When I tried this service myself it worked like a charm and so was the case with most of my readers. I got a positive response from many fo my readers. Anyways, thanks for replying.

  5. Hi,

    I live in USA and I tried this website just to see how legit they are. It is a big time waste. I clicked on 10 min trial and they provided me with a PIN and asked me to call their number in NY and I did. Then I entered my home number in India and all I hear is, "you have 7 min". That is all. Later the phone hang up. I am posting my experience just to avoid other people to do the same thing.

    Hope this helps.


  6. @Kiran Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Using word like "worked like charm" for such a bogus service is something we don't prefer to use. We don't follow such practice.

    Anyway, I think my readers are clever enough as they don't want to waste time to try such service. However on request some of my readers tried and the success rate was too low that it is not even worth trying.

  7. I tried this service and I did make calls to Pakistan (1st try wasted 2nd try success). I did not see the 2 hours of free calls? Wher r they? But I think the servis is good.

  8. Vikas,
    I love your blog and I am an avid visitor here. This one worked for me too.

  9. dear,vikas i am living in kuwait and want to use muftphone service but i dont know how?

  10. ---- Hi Vikas, could you pls publish this? Thanks.--------------
    Thanks for all the reviews. We have taken off the survey option (2 Hour call) from the website. Users can still continue making 'up to 10 minutes free calls' every hour.
    Each day limited numbers of PINS are published. Once PINs are exhausted, pls try the service next day.
    Our team is working hard to give you un-interrupted services, fixing bugs, and expanding the service to other countries.

    For any questions and suggestions pls leave your comments on this blog or send an email to sean.hogan AT muftphone DOT com.
    Sean Hogan

  11. Vikas,
    a blogger was sued for calling a legit service a scam. u shud remove that word.

  12. Hi Vikas,
    Could you pls remove the word 'SCAM' from this blog post?
    Sean Hogan

  13. voipalot is scam website .after I had piad $10 money in my account but no get service try contact website email them and no respond .just avoid any one like me waste money .ther r money suker


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