Wednesday, February 3, 2010

VoIP services to be legal in UAE soon :: Cheap VoIP Phone calls from UAE

Good news for all our readers from UAE, A local Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm has reported that UAE based telecom provider Etisalat is ready to make VOIP service available in July this year.

As per the news published on The Hindu Business Line,“The companies were awaiting final approval and instructions from the country’s telecommunications regulator,the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.” They have not yet decided on the pricing front but I am sure that the pricing will be very competitive so that they can attract a large amount of market stake.

Till now people from UAE fight for using VOIP, as it is banned in UAE. There are few services which claim, 100% working guarantee for their VOIP service based on dialer applications or some adapters. We have published few such offers in past to help our readers reduce calling costs by using VOIP service. SkySiptel and Ringomax are few of them.

This news is taken from “The Hindu Business Line”


  1. About time! Can you believe how childish a rich government such as the UAE one could be? What could be the amount of income they could be losing by allowing VoIP? A pittance!

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  3. I know of a few people who use Voip Softphone and IP phones in the UAE without having a VPN. There are resellers inside the UAE for those services, although obviously they are careful not to attract attention to themselves!

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