Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mobile VoIP SIP dialer for Android Phone: Wi-fi or 3G calls with dellmont brands

Dellmont has now released Androip mobilevoip beta app to call globally using wifi or 3G. You can use this application with any of the dellmont services like jumblo, actionvoip etc. In order to use this softphone, Make sure you have an account from a supported VoIP provider.

You can download the application for free from Androip market.

With this application you can Make and receive calls from your mobile without using cellular minutes, but it will use Wifi, 3G, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS data which you can select which method when starting the application.


  1. How i can open account in Android market? and download software in my Xperia mobile. plz let me know.

  2. You can access android market site from your google/gmail account.

    In order to install mobilevoip on your xperia mobile, you need to login to android market from your xperia phone using your gmail account.

  3. this dialer does not work from the gulf countries.


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