Tuesday, March 8, 2011

qt talk PUREMinutes Review : Cheap International Calling card Service

Calling card based cheap international calling services are most popular among users because of Ease in using them directly from mobile phones. Today we will discuss & review about PUREMinutes which is a service provided by qttalk.

PUREMinutes is a qttalk service which is part of Medcom. Medcom is in contract with Vonage for international call termination. qttalk provides various VoIP and calling card services like Business (Hosted IPBX), Residential QT TALK Digital Home Phone service, PUREMinutes international calling card services and Mobile VoIP application.

Lets discuss about PUREMinutes -

Main Features -
  • No Card/Pin to remember
  • NO Hidden Fees
  • No expiry of minutes
  • Mobile application available
  • High Voice Quality
  • Make cheap Calls from Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom & U.S.A.
  • Add as many numbers you want for pinless dialing
How to use QT Talk PUREMinutes service

STEP 1. Dial the Access Number of the country you are located
STEP 2. Dial 1 + area code + number followed by the # (for Domestic Calls)
STEP 3. Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number followed by the # (For International Calls)

QT TALK PUREMinutes Review

(+) High quality calling service
(+) No expiry of credit
(+) Good coverage with access numbers
(+) Mobile application
(+) Online account management
(+) Paypal Option available (only if you purchase through qttalk)
(-) Verified Authorize.Net merchant but no SSL in payment page in PUREMinutes website
(-) Minimum purchase of $5 required, no option to try the service
(-) Comparatively high calling rates- Call INDIA @ 1.99 US cents/min

Overall PUREMinutes is a high quality but little expensive service. It is a good option for people who make very less amount of calls because PUREMinutes gives you a lifetime validity of credit.


  1. Is any of mentioned service available for Pakistan?

  2. Its a good technology as everyone in the era of high inflation needs to save money.

  3. What about billing increment provided by this card?

  4. The bad thing is there’s not details info for this service.

  5. SIP trunk could be used to work with Voice over IP solution in business establishments. This is a solution that utilizes existing wired PBX models for communications for linking traditional telephone networks to external environment through the net


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