Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yate:Free calls to USA/Canada using Google Voice SIP from anywhere

Google Voice is a must have service which offers free sms, conference calls, voice mail transcription, cheap international calls and mobile number porting. Google Voice is only available to users from USA. There are few clients available which allows you to use Google Voice through SIP protocol. Today we will discuss about Yate (Yet Another Telephony Engine) which allows you to use Google voice account through SIP from anywhere.

Yate can be used as a:
  • VoIP server & VoIP client
  • Conference server - with up to 200 channels in a single conference
  • VoIP to PSTN gateway
  • PC2Phone and Phone2PC gateway
  • IM Client & Google Voice SIP client
  • Multiple SIP account registration
How to use Google Voice as SIP account in Yate
  • Goto Yate website and download the yate client
  • Install the clinet and Log in using your Google Talk account.
  • Make sure that you have the "Advanced mode" activated. Go to YateClient Main Menu->Yate->Advanced mode, it should be checked.
  • Go to Telephony tab in YateClient:
  • Set Protocol to none and Account to Type the number you want to call and then press the button.
As you all aware with Google Voice you can make free calls to USA/Canada throughout 2011, but if you are not in USA Gmail client will not give you option to use Google voice. Yate client allows you to use Google Voice from anywhere you can use any SIP client. So try free Yate client to use google voice and make free calls to USA/Canada.


  1. Hi,

    Did you try ? Also a nice apps that allow you to call for free in all over the world :)

    See you !

  2. I am using it and after 5 minutes the line disconnects ? It happens every 5 minutes.

    Why ?

  3. I am experiencing the same problem when I initiate calls using Yate via Google Voice. If I initiate a call from the Google voice webpage to a Sip number, it does not disconnect.

  4. Dear All

    This is a issue in software itself.. I will try to contact Yate team to have a check on the issue.


  5. Rahul

    Do you know any other alternative for Yate ? It disconnects every 5 minutes.


  6. >>> If I initiate a call from the Google voice webpage to a Sip number, it does not disconnect. <<<

    Can you tell how to do this ?

  7. Thank you every one for the report regarding the 5 minutes issue. We will make a release on 11 April 2011 which name is going to be Yate 3.3.2. You can download it from the same place as always:

  8. can you tell me how to dial a number(format)? ex:415-xxx-xxxx

  9. i'm junaid
    i'm using action voip now i would like to use fast voip, can i recharge fast voip by using action voip recharge voucher?

  10. Hey the yate Client is not Working Any more..
    please help.. !!


  11. please work on the call recordings for google voice outgoing calls using Yate


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