Monday, March 21, 2011

Mobyler Mobile application for iPhone Android: Roam the World with Free Calls & Chat

Mobyler is a free application for iPhone or Android mobile phone to call the other Mobyler users worldwide for free without worrying about international roaming.

This application is from dellmont and is developed by finarea, so you can expect good communication between two users and the call would be free. You and your friend just have to have internet and Mobyler application installed in their mobile

This application is only available for the iPhone and Android based phones but Blackberry versions will be soon released. There is no information about Mobyler desktop application for windows 7 or XP to be released.

With this application, you can still make other international call after buying the credit. The call to India will cost only around half EUR cent a minute. The only worry is the connection fee per call which is 3.9 cents. So the 10 minutes call to India will cost you 8.9 cents, which is quite cheap.

For more information

Mobyler for iPhone

Mobyler for Android

Mobyler for Blackberry (to be released)

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