Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Axvoice VS Ooma comparison - Which one you will choose?

Comparing two great VoIP services is always difficult. Axvoice and Ooma both are excellent services but cater to their customer needs in altogether different ways. Let us compare them on the basis of commonly used customer criteria for such services.

Quality of any VoIP service is very important. When we are talking about a phone service, we are particularly concerned about the quality of voice that a VoIP provider offers to the customers. When comparing the quality of the two services, I tried both and found that there wasn’t too much difference between the two. However, I found Ooma having a slight edge in terms of voice quality over Axvoice. But that does not mean that there is any difference in the reliability of the two services, as trust worthiness in a service also counts. I found both services to be running fine without any kind of problem. Both VoIP providers offer reliable phone service and you won’t find any VoIP issues.

Pricing mechanism is different for both Axvoice and Ooma. Each one follows a totally different approach for their customers. Axvoice offers different plans without any upfront charges to pay. You don’t have to pay even the setup or installation fee in case of Axvoice. However, they charge you on monthly basis. Ooma on the other hand pursues the strategy in a totally different way. You have to pay them the fee upfront and use their service for life. When we look at both of these two VoIP business models, we find sharp contradiction in terms of revenue collection. However, this all depends on the preference of the customers. Some VoIP subscribers prefer to have all the fee paid in advance and won’t like to pay intermittently. Others might suspect about the quality of the service over a period of time as they won’t be paying any more dues, so they would prefer to pay on monthly basis.

Call plans offered:
In case of plans offered, the difference comes in terms of perspective. Some customers want to have a service that would offer them a lot of different plans to choose from because they have changing call requirements or need more flexibility. Other customers would prefer a flat call plan without any changes. However, in general, there are more customers out there who would want a flexible call plan rather than a fixed one.

Final comments:
When we have a close look at both the services there aren’t any major differences, both are offering excellent quality services and it is customer’s preference to choose that one which best suits his own needs.

This article is written by Stan Krugger, he has great expertise in voip technology and loves to write VoIP related articles.


  1. For Ooma, you pay upfront and you pay about $5 every month for taxes and other fees.

  2. This was changed in OOMA some time in late 2009. I purchased ooma in 2009 september and I never paid a dime after that for my home phone service. This was changed in late 2009 and they started charging the regulatory recovery fee and tax. Luckily, they did not change this for existing customers.

    The only disadvantage I could see in OOMA is it doesn't offer free calls to Canada. Calls are free for USA.



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