Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tamevo Review : Free Phone to phone Calls SMS FAX from MSN IM Client $1 Free Trial credit

Tamevo is a unique service which offers Phone to phone calls, SMS and Faxes directly from IM client. Tamevo uses MSN IM client to initiate Phone to phone calls, SMS or FAX. They are offering $1 trial credit on every signup to make Free phone to phone calls, Free SMS and Free Fax without any credit card information.

How to get $1 Free credit from Tamevo

STEP 1: Visit Tamevo homepage
STEP 2: Fill out your correct mobile number, and MSN ID
STEP 3: You will receive a verification code on SMS which you need to enter to complete the signup

After this you need to confirm Tamevo as a friend in your MSN contact list. That`s it now you can use the service by using very simple codes.

How to make free call from MSN using Tamevo
Go to your MSN IM and open send IM to Tamevo -- Type CALL followed by the recipient’s number
Tamevo will first call you and then connect you to your friend.

How to Free send SMS, group SMS or Anonymous SMS from MSN using Tamevo
Single SMS - type SMS followed by recipient number and then message.
Group SMS - type SMS followed by the recipients numbers separated by semi-colons followed by the message you wish to send
Anonymous SMS - type ASMS followed by recipient number and then message.

How to send Free FAX from MSN using Tamevo
Just start IM session with Tamevo in MSN and Type “Fax” followed by the number of the person you are faxing and then drag and drop the file you want to send.

Tamevo commands and keywords
Call: Used to make a voice call
SMS: Used to send text messages
ASMS: Used to send anonymous text messages
Fax: Used to send faxes
Help: Lists Tamevo’s supported commands with examples
Mybalance: Used to check up on your balance status
Assign: Used to assign Speedials
Numbers: Used to check the mobile number set as default

Final Words
When we have tried calling using Tamevo, call goes through quickly and since it is a callback service, call quality was very good. The main disappointment we got with Tamevo was its call rates. Pricing is very high. But still its a good service to try.


  1. hi , i did all d process but add request dint come can u kindly tell me how to add ?

  2. very nice, giving 1 dollar credit, thanks rahul

  3. @KARTHIK -

    please try out again, sometime password doesnt come in first try..


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