Friday, April 22, 2011

MobeeFree - TalkFree VoIP Service - 20 Free minutes to call India mobile

MobeeFree, a service from, is offering 20 Free minutes to call India mobile or 7 Free minutes to call Bangladesh mobile or 4 Free minutes to call Pakistan mobile. MobeeFree can be used for mobile dialer, ATA and PC dialer services.

Sign Up on to get free trial credit.

  • Call from Computer, Download the mobeefree PC dialer from their website.
  • Call from Mobile Phone, The mobeefree mobile VoIP dialer is compatible with most Nokia 3rd and 5th edition phones.
  • Call from your Home Phone using call back service.
  • Mobeefree SIP calling using proxy
  • Send SMS Messages
Become MobeeFree reseller:
Mobeefree credit can be purchased from local reseller. If you are not reseller, you can become MobeeFree reseller or agent after you add $100 funds to your account and click on Become Local Agent to instantly upgrade yourself. MobeeFree provides monthly commissions to all resellers based on selling coupon vouchers to end users in market. MobeeFree is much like ActionVoIP, Rynga or other coupon based brands. Except, resellers earn commissions every month based on monthly sales.


  1. free minutes will be posted to your account after you top up, so this is misleading, thanks

  2. Good service, cheap rates. I like this from Qatar.

  3. but there is no local agents

  4. Any body looking for Recharge coupons / reseller panel for Mobeefree please mail me at
    I am based in UAE and can help others in other parts of world too.

    Pls contact

  5. any body avilable in ksa for reseller. i want work with you. pls. send me no. & conact details for start business with you.

  6. ok i live in KSA and interested in reselling voip cards my name is Aurangzeb, lives in jeddah contact 0506248385

  7. yes i m from KSA and interested in reselling voip cards. i live in jeddah my name is Aurangzeb Memon and contact 0506248385

  8. THey are now offering free minutes to pakistan on Tuesdays.

  9. We are providing voip calls with low rate and high quality for all the countries.
    Providing own voip setup company, own brand name dialers, termination, reselling level, website, etc. Our service support 24/7 and it will work in blocking countries also. More details plz contact

  10. i am from ksa., offering good price for dealers contact me


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