Tuesday, April 5, 2011

StuntCalls.com: Stunt Calls offers Cheapest call to India mobile: cheaper than Fastvoip

Fastvoip is no more offering cheapest rates to India mobile, Instead StuntCalls is offering 0.0045 cent per minute to call India mobile, it means you can call 2220 minutes for 10 EURs. However, if you have to call landline in India, Fastvoip is still the cheapest. Stuntcalls is a new service from dellmont.

I think stuntcalls is launched specially for India and against growing market for fastvoip for its cheaper rates. The quality of calls is as good as other dellmont services like ryngs, smartvoip etc.

You can register and buy the credit online and startcalling immediately. If for any reason, you are unable to buy credit, You can buy StuntCalls credit from freevcalls  at the following rates including all taxes and fee.
10 EUR = 799 INR
25 EUR= 1950 INR
Please contact us by email (freevcalls-at-gmail.com) to know the payment methods. Discounts are available for regular readers of this blog.

Stuntcalls can also be used with sip devices using sip.stuntcalls.com.

Stuntcalls Website: http://stuntcalls.com/


  1. this one is nice one for people who are in abroad. but how can we purchase it.

  2. Thank you for latest information.

  3. i prefer to stay at FastVoip, at least their rates are stable (since last Diwali) Betamax always screw you at the end..

  4. but quality of fastvoip is very poor...so i like this one...

  5. rajivashrav@live.comApril 11, 2011 at 7:32 AM

    Actually Stuntcalls offers india landline calls for just half a cent!

  6. there acess number inmalta does not work. it keeeps saying some problem try after 30 min. ..........its looking as if my money is gone waste

  7. Hi ,
    I can not download this program from stuntcalls.com , can you please provide download link for this software
    Advance Thanks

  8. HELLO,

    Which voip provider is giving cheap calls to srilanka

  9. powervoip & fastvoip is cheap for srilanka

  10. I am also getting this error message "some problem try after 30 min".

    Is this a problem for all users "Access numbers does not work at all " or only for specific users?

  11. fast voip, landline to india is absoulutly free

  12. Stuntcalls is the cheapest voip provider in gulf....? please clear my doubt...with many thanks

  13. Who told all of the dellmont product are increasing the rate after some days.... so most of the people who created user id in this will become fools.......this is happening in this only

  14. there is nothing true about these voip providers. they say 10euro 2000 bla bla bla, its b u l l sh i t. since 6 months i m reviewing prices of voip providers to india.

    Deatils for india calls
    I bought Fast voip 0.0055 euro/minute and now its 0.009.

    I bought stuntcalls 0.0045 euro/minut and now 0.0075. this figure is also gimmick. i bought 10 euro and i have got mere 1100 minuts. but they promised 2200 minutes.

    I believe the good service providers are jumblo, actionvoip. they charge 0.01 eru/minute but its fixed, it will not chage, they are transparent.

    Note: Dont get cheated with adds/marketing tactics. xyz rates were for that day not today

  15. i also agree with the above matter


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