Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Communitytelecom offeres 1 USD free trial call to all destinations

Community telecom is offering $1 free trial call to its registered users. You can make the PIN less call from your registered phone. If you are calling from another number, you need to dial the PIN.

Visit http://www.communitytelecom.com/ and then click on "call free".

It takes some time (10-30 minutes) to credit your account with $1.

I tried to register and I could see $1 credited to my account but I couldn't make the trial call because of some technical reasons. I called the customer care but still the problem could not be resolved, You can try this service, I hope it would work for you..

Thanks to Driss from morocco for sharing about communitytelecom.com


  1. Well i am having Problem with the Signup, in the end it says their Antifraud System detected something lol. Any suggestions ?


  2. Even for me it is not working... Did u get reply?

    I use http://www.MyGoogle.co.in how abt u?

  3. Dont know how they Checking the Fraud.


  4. yes its not working i have try not working bad i make 19 accounts not work bad site i dont like this not working plzzz dont try this waste of time


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