Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MyLivio: Free call to France mobile and landline, 10 minutes per week

MyLivio, a trial and free version of the service from a French company Inexbee is offering free incoming calls to French mobile and landlines phones, Free incoming means, the caller does not have to pay for this call.

Lets see how it works?
Right now this service is working only for France (mobile+landline), User having French number can register with their service and get a link. You can give this link to your friends outside France to call you. Please note that call to France mobiles are too costly, so it could be a good idea to register you mobile phone and let your friend call you on your mobile.

MyLivio website:

Few advantages of MyLivio
- Calling in one click directly from the web
- Immediacy: callers do no need to register
- No software installation required

While MyLivio is in beta stage, the maximum length of one call is limited to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the call will be automatically terminated. Every user can create one and only one MyLivio button and can receive up to 10 minutes of communication per week (Monday to Monday) on the phone number registered with MyLivio. When this limit is reached, any call through MyLivio to this number will be blocked, till the following Monday, when 10 minutes will be credited again on every account. Unused communication time is not transferred to the following week. Furthermore, a phone number must be linked to only one single button (1 button = 1 phone number). Any improper usage of the MyLivio service will lead to an automatic suspension or deletion of the user’s account, without any prior information nor compensation

Thanks to Mr Driss from morocco for sharing this tips with us, Unfortunately we are not in France so we couldn't test this service, but leaving a comment would be appreciated.



  2. myloviocis very well


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