Friday, February 13, 2009

Lacalphone reduced rate to India, 2.9 cents per minuts as regular rate.

Every company is reducing the rate to India, with locaphone is ahead of all announcing second reduction in the call rate to India in 2009. The first announcement was made on 26th Jan. Now you can use local phone to call India landlines and mobiles for only 2.9 cents (USD) per minute. This is their regular rate. So if you want something cheap other than some promotions like stanacard , you can always buy credit. I suggest you to try their good quality service with no contracts or monthly fees, and no connection or service charges.

We already discussed about the localphone, You can use Localphone Direct, Localphone Calling Card, Localphone VoIP, You can use your broadband internet connection to maximise savings Make cheap international calls from your computer or laptop, or even use your existing landline phone with some VoIP adapters.


  1. Looks as good as Nymgo to me. But Nymgo is 13.1 to UAE.

  2. Can you tell us if localphone is a safe site and whether call quality is good? Thanks

  3. Hi Anony,
    Yes, Its a safe site with good call quality, you can buy credits if you like.

  4. calling to india is euro 0.009 per /minute & best quility and also free call i use from 1years.............


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