Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tuitalk: Free calls per day to over 40 countries, Now India included

We already discussed about tuitalk , It is an ad best free VoIP phone call provider, it is offering roughly 10 minutes of free calls each day to over 40 destination at the cost of advertisement, you have to listen and watch the ad before your call is connected. And the good news is, Now India is included in the list.., and you can make free call from India also.

Before your call connects, you will watch a short video ad. These advertisers are sponsoring your call.

You can talk as long as your sponsorship lasts for your call. An indicator on your computer screen will tell you how much time you have left. With tuitalk you can call Every day!

You need to register and download the tuitalker in order to make the free calls.

1. Click here to Join tuitalk
2. Download tuitalker
3. Dial the #, watch an ad, and talk for free.

Mobile calls: Only India, USA and Canada mobile numbers can be called. If you find a call error for these countries, please try again. Sometimes you need to see 2-3 ads in order to accumulate the money to call. This has been tested and working properly.

It also gives you option to download Windows PC and Windows Mobile Smartphone software, by which you can make call directly from your phone.

You may make international calls from anywhere in the world to Turkey. At this time, tuitalk is not available for making calls from Turkey.


  1. It is PATHETIC! All I get are errors! Garbage!!! They got me to watch their idiotic ads over and over but all I got out of it were unsuccessful attempts.

  2. Wonderful... I'm speaking to India lot & lot. Really wonderful service. I pray god that this service should continue...

    Thank you Moderator...

    Mohamed Faisel


  4. why showing invalid number
    anyone can fix the promblem

  5. works well... stop posting shitty comments before even trying it out. Choose the country flag before dialing. Thumbs up author!

  6. I am not getting any ad. Can any one tell me how should i proceed. I have installed the tuitalk. but if i dial a number it shows "showing ad" but nothing is coming. plz help. tks in advance

  7. Only put area code and number meaning dont put the 0 in when you wanna call this number 0-902-659-5968 that will fix your error, same problem I had

  8. hi just saying invalid number can anybody tell me how can i call india on this number 0091182223789

  9. When I am trying to call India no, its saying invalid no, i am getting ads also.please give us solution.

  10. Working great for me. Also, just select your country and give only the mobile/landline number.
    E.g. if you want to dial 00919935912345, Just select flag of India and dial to 9935912345.
    BTW, it works better with mobile phone than landlines.

    1. hi this is bhaskar how to download tuitalk please tel me

  11. Can the author or the moderator of website suggest us the tricks for the new tuitalker ? They have reduced the per call to 2 min. ...... initially it was 10 min. The new version of tuitalk sucks in terms of calling to India.
    Your suggestions would be welcome

  12. with jumblo, smartvoip and actionvoip offering calls around 1 cent per minute, then it would be really a waste of time listening ads and calling IND for two minutes, moreover the success rate of call getting connected is less than 50%.., so it would be fully waste of time,

    anyway we would look for some tuitalk hack and publish on this blog if we find


  13. how to join, where is the join button, i have donwloaded it , but how to singup ??

  14. No tuitalk program? Where to Download from?


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