Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dcalling: up to 30 minutes free trial International call

Do not try this, it does not work anymore (english version) or (German version) is offering free trial International call.

You can also try their service for 30 seconds without registration, it seems useless to call for 30 seconds, but still you can call somebody and ask "how are you?" just enter your own number and a destination number that you want to call into the above fields and press "call". But If you register you will be given max up to 30 minutes of free calls. For India its up to 8-10 minutes.

They offer various services, which include SPEED DIAL, SIMULATOR, CALLBACK, WEB-CALLBACK, WEB-PHONE, ACCESS BY SIP, CALLER ID , SMS. You can also use their service via SIP device, with your username and password with proxy

Well their calling rates are not cheaper and referral program is also not good as offered by Stanacard, I suggest you to buy credit within order to get the max benefit, click here.


  1. total bullshit it is. it took long time to register andonce i did every thing it showed no balance to do the call.its all crap.
    vishal i didn't expected it from you.

  2. yes bullshit i have 29 accounts not get balance didn't expected it from you freevcalls

  3. yes it is crap, it is not giving any free minutes, it says sorry you do not have credit to call , 0 credit.

  4. thnxx man .... thnx for this side:P

  5. There block certain registration out of some countrys. Try it on


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