Saturday, June 5, 2010 review: Unlimited country, Europe and world plans for international calls, a service from dellmont, is offering subscription based unlimited calls to many destinations. If you are looking for cheap international calls, then you can choose the subscription for your country and enjoy the unlimited free calling from your phone or PC. You can also choose the Pay as you go plan to call at cheap rates.

CheapVoip offers three type of subscriptions.

Unlimited country ($3.95/month)
Unlimited calls to a country of your choice.

Unlimited Europe ($5.95/month)
Unlimited calls to over 20 European countries.

Unlimited world ($9.95/month)
Unlimited calls to over 40 countries worldwide. Unfortunately India is not included.

(pay as you go) PAYG plan

The company offers the following services

  • PC-to-Phone
  • Phone-to-phone
  • CheapVoip To-Go number
  • Free client-to-client calls
  • SMS
  • SIP calling

Fair Use Policy
Calls to phones and mobiles are included in your subscription subject to a fair usage limit of 10,000 minutes per user per month, with a maximum of 6 hours per day. Also, no more than 50 different numbers in total can be called per day. Once these limits are exceeded CheapVoip will charge normal rates and a connection fee for any additional min

If you are running small business where you need to call 10,000 minutes a month, then this could be a good option to save money on your international calls.


  1. Hi Guys

    Thanks for sharing the word!

    What we’re offering are 3 types of subscriptions:
    - Unlimited Country
    - Unlimited
    - Unlimited World

    the rates in comparison to Skype:

    Unlimited Country $ 6.99 /month $ 3.95 /month $ 36.50 /year
    Unlimited Europe $ 8.95 /month $ 5.95 /month $ 36.50 /year
    Unlimited World $ 13.99 /month $ 9.95 /month $ 48.50 /year

  2. Vikas,
    cheapvoip also offers free calls to INUM.I have 3 INUM numbers but there is no instructions how to use them, receive call or call them. Please can you post any information how to use INUM?

  3. @kamsijam
    From where did you get the INUM, let me know then I will be able to tell you how to use them

  4. i am unable to register .it says error 42.not able to register.what is this error?How can i register?

  5. dear all
    unanble to call from nimbuzz with cheapvoip account
    there is any special proxy settings for cheapvoip

    Sidhik Saudi arabia

  6. I tried to configure my own sip device but it always gave busy tone although the same device works fine with jumblo etc..

  7. it seems is impossible to use cheapvoip account in your ATA or any other device, only the proprietary softphone...

  8. It is a fake, and a dangerous voip provider. I have purchased unlimited calls to spain but its not true.

    It does not give unlimited calls, even more, you cant call to mobiles, you can only all to fixed spanish phones, but the subscription dont allow mobiles. But in description it says it allos fixed and mobiles.

    Its a fake.

  9. I use it al the time to spanish landlines and it works great. The monthly plans are working well. Since I dont like to call from the PC I call their local access number and from there get connected.

    I would like to get rid of my telephone provider and use a siemens Gigaset with SIP. However it is unclear to me whether that works with cheapvoip.

    Anybody knows how to get Cheapvoip on SIP or do you have a recommendation for other provider with monthly plan & SIP capability?

  10. no, its not possible with cheapvoip to configure siemens gigaset with sip, however you can use mobilevoip application to call using wifi

  11. The system is very bad, expire the session in 1 second after login and from times to times, they steal your credits.

    In fact, I am looking for another provider because they stolen my credits and when I send a ticket, they gave me a answer that their system is working fine. But no credits back.


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