Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nymgo FIFA World Cup 2010 offer Half price calls from South Africa and India new rates 1.1 cents

World`s biggest Sport event FIFA Football World Cup is starting from June 11,2010. This year South Africa is hosting the event. This sports season you need to make Phone calls to South Africa. Lets find out the cheapest way -

In past we have discussed about Nymgo, probably it is one of the most popular VoIP service used by our blog readers because of cheap rate. Today we will discuss two exciting offers from Nymgo.

Nymgo World Cup 2010 Offer -

Nymgo has launched one offer Specially for FIFA world cup 2010. During this event all countries who are taking part in FIFA World cup will get 50% discount. That means all calls to Algeria, England, Korea DPR, Serbia, Argentina, France, Korea Republic, Slovakia, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Slovenia, Brazil, Ghana, Netherlands, South Africa, Cameroon, Greece, New Zealand, Spain, Chile, Honduras, Nigeria, Switzerland, Côte d'Ivoire, Italy, Paraguay, Uruguay, Denmark, Japan, Portugal and USA will be now 50% cheaper.

Call India at 1.1 US cents/min (455 min for $5)
Nymgo always promise its customers for Lowest pricing. They have again reduced their rates for India. Now you can call any INDIA mobile at just $0.011 /min i.e. 1.1 US cent/min only. Hence $5 will give you 455 minutes to INDIA. Moreover, the rates to other than India mobile is 1.3 cents/min which gives you  385 minutes.  Please note that there is no hidden charges in these rates.

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  2. when i call certain numbers i am unable to hear the other person voice?what may be the problem.i can hear the ringing sound,but when the other person picks up the phone i can't hear anything.please help


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