Friday, June 11, 2010

Call a Skype ID from mobile phone with ZenoFon: Talk one hour for 6 cents

I hope that you must be enjoying the zenofon referral bonus to make free calls, If not then start referring the friends and earn as much as bonus you can earn. Zenofon also pays you for one who is referred by your friends. Recently ZenoFon has added a new feature by which you can add skype contacts in the list and call them for an hour for 6 cents (1 cent per 10 minutes)
Zenofon gives 30-60 minutes of free trial credit to try their service when you register and you earn more when you refer your friends.

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Do you know how much free credit is given by zenofon when you refer a friend?
It is 99 cents, where 50% share comes to you and rest is divided to the chain of people who referred you.

Adding a Skype ID is very easy. You do it the same way that you configure a phone number:

  • In Your phone settings page and Zenofon phonebook,
  • Click add a new contact,
  • type in the Skype ID as the contact's number, and save.
  • You will be given a new number that will forward to the person's Skype ID.

How it could be useful?
If you are on the move without internet and your friend in outside USA is connected via Skype, now you can talk to him for only 6 cents. But calling a skype contact within USA could not be very interesting in terms of cost saving.

Please share your zenofon referral experience to make free calls.

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