Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zenofon free call and get 99 cents free sign-up bonus for referring each friend

I don't pay for my phone calls, all the calls I make are free. You must be wondering how? Well, thanks to Zenofon referral system, I just suggest my friends for free signup and I get referral bonus that are sufficient for my monthly calls. I would like to tell you that they give your friends 60 minutes free calls to try their service and now pay you 99 cents to referring it to your friends.
If you are not a member of zenofon, you can only join it through invitation.
Below is my invitation link

Advantage with zenofon:

  • One hour free call on registration
  • 99 cents referral bonus, You get 49.5 cents, the person who referred you gets 24.25 cents, splitting in 1/2 all the way back to Patient Zero.
  • 10% recurring bonus when someone you refer recharges his account and also an additional 10% split up amongst everyone who referred that person.
  • Additionally, Zenofon gives away 1 cent when someone you refer, confirms their email address, and becomes a member.

This promotion is for a short undetermined time only. Otherwise they pay 5 cents instead of 99 cents, so take the advantage of this promotion as soon as possible. Get your zenofon referral code and start referring your friends on email, social sites or forums.

Where you can find your referral code?
Login to your account
Under my account area, go to referral and commissions.

There you can find your referral code on the left side, which should look like


  1. HOw to ad My NUmber in phone settings??

  2. There are two numbers you have to add.

    First Your originating numbers (USA)
    Click on add a new number and then type your 10 digit usa number and verify it.

    Second you need to add a contact number that you want to dial, zenofon will give you local access number for that,

    Now from registered number, call the local access number and your call will be connected. You will pay for the local access call if you don't have the free minutes


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