Friday, April 16, 2010 offers FREE Trial pc2phone Calls to India is a new VoIP provider, who launch the service with concept of flat calling rate of one Indian Rupee(i.e. 2.3 US Cents) for 30 international destinations. Although calling rates are on higher side but still you can try their service with free trial credit (10 cents, 3 minutes to India)  provided on each signup. Apart from it, each friend you refer, you get additional 10 cents.

How to get free trial credit -
As we have already mentioned in the post that service is costly, but no harm in trying out free minutes. is offering 10 cents of trial credit on each signup without any credit card information. This will allow approximately 3 minutes call to INDIA. Process is very easy and fast-
  • Follow this link to get free trial credit
  • Provider valid email address and other details
  • You will receive a confirmation email with activation link. Click on the link and you account will be activated
  • Now download the dialer application from the website
Making Calls -
Just sign in with your user name and password
Dial the number without any "+" or "00" means for INDIA dial 91XXXXXXXXXX

Referral credit -
Refer your friends and get additional 10 cents for each registration.

Multiple Accounts to get more free credit
We will not suggest this as to get these 3 minutes of free calling you need to spend at least 5 minutes. But anyway if you are interested then you can register multiple accounts with different email ids. for each signup you will get 3 minutes of talktime.

Final Words :

After reviewing service, we must say that call quality is very good. But the service is costly. Moreover there are few differences in the website and reality like:

  • Website talks about Calling to INDIA but in the rates list India is not present.
  • "Buy credit" section only allows you buy talk time for INDIA i.e. 625 minutes INDIA plan and 1250 minutes INDIA Plan.
  • Website says Flat calling rates but when you check in the dialer you will find different rates. For example -- In dialer application Call rate to USA is $0.015/min.

Overall good to try.


  1. well nice to see such cheap calls to india...i will say that i am using a voip call service which costs me 0.6125 INR/min and pulse is of 1 minute. I use a softphone dialer for making the pc to phone calls. however the quality is not that great(sometimes not so good) but it is still cheap!!!
    You can check yourself at

  2. hi very nice better than all voip providers cheap & best quality thanks to

  3. Hi it is cheap crystal clear quality of voice & 3 minuts free try.its worth.


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