Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FooCall: Free First call from iPhone landlines mobiles and computer

FreeVcalls means we make free calls. Well one more first on FreeVcalls, Today we will discuss about foocall.com, which will allow you make a free call of 5 minutes without any hassle or Credit Card information (3 min process).

FooCall.com is a trading name of Ghost Telecom Limited which is a member of the Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association. "foocall" provides high quality international calling service from different options like mobile phones, Landlines, iPhone and Computers. Although their call rates are little on higher side but still I must say that call quality is excellent.

Ok, lets discuss about Free call only --

Step 1 : Goto Foocall.com or visit Free Sign up page
Step 2 : Provide information like username, password, email and mobile number
Step 3 : You will receive password on your mobile through SMS.

Now just login with the username and password, and you are ready to make you free call.

Best option is to use PC to phone calling option. Just select the country and enter the number.. That`s it, your call will be connected within seconds.

You have three more calling options like iPhone application, Landline phone and internet enabled mobile phone. You can find details here


If you like there service then you can continue with them. Call rates to INDIA is 2.1 US cent/min with no fee plan and 1.8 US cents/min with monthly fee plan.

Enjoy Free Calling..

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  1. thanks for the post, it is working properly, u guys can call uk mobiles as well


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