Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Freecallbutton.com Hourly Free calls with FREECALLPIN and Global Access Numbers

Today we will discuss about Freecallbutton.com, which will allow you to make  free calls to most of the worldwide destinations including India, without any registration, Sign up and credit card information.

Freecallbutton.com is a service which provides different ways to make free calls. Although calls have a fair usage limitation of 6 minutes per hour. We tried the service to call to India, Italy, Germany and USA, the call was connected in 1-4 attempts with average call quality. We don't recommend this service, as the time spent is not worth free calls. However Its up to you to use this service to make free calls.

There are different ways of making free calls:

Free calling through Local Access numbers:
Freecallbutton provides you access numbers from across the globe. You can find local access number from your country here. Access numbers are available from 26 countries.
  • Dial Local Access Number (For USA +1-206-424-1330)
  • When requested enter the 4-Digit PIN Number (Get the latest PIN at http://www.freecallpin.com/ , PIN changed daily)
  • You will hear a dial tone, and then dial in format 00 + Country code + Number (e.g. 0091XXXXXXXXXX)
Free calling From PC 
If you have Gizmo account then you can use Freecallbutton service directly from your PC without use of phone.
  • Goto http://www.myphoneline.com/
  • Enter your Gizmo username or password, or Register if you don`t have account
  • Allow Flash to use Camera and microphone
  • Now Just dial Dial *0112200 or *0112244
  • Enter the pin and dial the number as described in previous method


  1. Can you please clarify this silly absurdity with them for us? They say, "6 MINUTES PER HOUR". Any reasonable person with any brains would imply and understand this statement to mean you can call again after an hour. However, under their abuse policy, it says, "CALLS ARE CAPPED AT 5 MINUTES PER HOUR. REPEATED CALLS TO THE SAME NUMBER OVER 5 MINUTES PER HOUR CONSTITUTE ABUSE"!!! What does this nonsense mean?

  2. What a joke! I call my local access number (from the list they have posted) and it never asks me for a PIN. When I dial the destination number it asks me for, it goes back to asking again! I believe this seems to be a waste of time!

  3. Please do not waste our time with crap services like this! Since the local access number did not work, I dialed 206-424-1330, but it asks me for some silly password! I entered the PIN I got from their page but it says this is incorrect! Have you tested this? If so, please give us clarification before sending your mail out! Thanks.

  4. we have tested this service both with the access nummbers and through GIZMO... when we have published this pin was 6628 and it was working fine..

    we have already recommended not use this service in the blog itself because its a waste of time for 6 min..

  5. Dear Anonymous

    Before publishing this we have tested this and call was through now may be due to heavy load its not working.

    If your access number is not working you can try with Gizmo method also..

    but really just for 6 min its a waste of time

  6. its saying u need credit to call this no when i called india

  7. Yes, Rahul. Sorry about that. You did say not to waste our time with this one. Thanks. You are doing a great job.

  8. Still, I thought it worth a try because Bahrain is included in it.

    I did exactly as indicated on the web page and got only as far as a recorded message that said "This call requires calling credit"! I thought it was a FREE 6 minute call! Anyway, I have sent a message to their support. One thing is good. Their support is very responsive. I will keep you posted on his response.

    Overall, the one that has worked for me without fail for months is Tuitalk. I am pleased with their service. Three 2-minute calls to India daily. If I just want to say "hi" I use that. If I need to talk in depth, I use my paid provider.

  9. Ok. I take back the words I wrote on April 7 at 8:34 PM.

    It works beautifully. Very clear calls. Make sure you dial the extension and use "00" prefix instead of "011".


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