Sunday, April 25, 2010

LG GD910 watch phone Review (Phone in a watch)

Phone in a watch, really fascinating! We use to see these types of gadgets in James Bond movies. The concept is not new but still we have very few phones in the market in the segment. Well I got a chance to see and review this very costly and stylish gadget. Thanks to my friend. I will tell you what`s special in this phone and is this phone worth $1000?

LG GD910 is a $1000 phone targeted to high luxury class. This phone comes in a beautiful black box which contains a mandatory required Bluetooth headset, dual charger which charges you watch and headset simultaneously, connection cables, manuals and a nice watch cum phone. Here are the main features of this gadget –

* 3G GSM phone
* Video & Voice Calling
* Stainless Steel & Tempered Glass
* Text-To-Speech & Voice Command
* 1.43” Full Capacitive Touch Screen 256K colors
* Stylish Adjustable Band
* Easy & Simple Menu
* VGA Camera
* MP3 Player
* Analogue or Digital watch display

Design and First impression
First time when I handled this phone it really looks like a watch, and only three buttons on right side gives you the real feel. Phone/watch gives full analog or digital view of watch in standby mode. Phone has really compact in terms of features but more on the stylish side. You can put sim by removing the back lit like you replace battery in normal watched.

Touch Screen and User interface
LG GD910 has a capacitive touch screen which is made for smooth touch from your finger. Obviously they have made menu very simple to use. Phone has voice command feature which works quite well. Phone uses flash interface with minimum required menu options.

Calling experience
Phone has inbuilt speaker phone or you can use the Bluetooth headset to make calls. Phone has a tiny VGA camera for video calls, sorry mates I have not tried it. But with the speaker phone, definitely you will feel that you are acting in a spy movie… really a Hi Fi gadget.

The phone really kills in style but put a flop show in features. It has 3G but obviously with a small 1.43” screen internet experience will be zero. Apart from this it has no special feature. You should make up in mind that you are just looking for a stylish $1000 watch which has phone feature. No WiFi, no video recording, no GPS.

Camera and Multimedia
Watch phone has MP3 playback and works pretty good with stereo Bluetooth headset (not provided with pack).
Camera is 0.6 Megapixel which stands nowhere to latest phones, but still for the miniature piece of technology its good.
No video player, No FM radio.

Battery and Memory
LG GD910 will give you a 4 hour of maximum talktime (I don’t think so) with a 510mAh Li-Polymer battery, which is just not good enough for all time running Bluetooth.
Phone doesn’t have any expandable memory slot. Internally phone offers 80MB memory which in very less.

Final Words
LG GD910 is a stylish phone but should you pay $1000 to get that style? I think because of the price tag, this watch phone will again revise history of flop watch phones. Previously we have seen bulky Telson TWC 1150 from Reliance CDMA which was having detachable camera, and one from Samsung which I am not sure whether released till date. There are number of Chinese watch phones available in the market with $200 price tag. LG GD910 lacks basic features like video play, FM, WiFi, smartphone capabilities, GPS, expandable memory. This phone offers only one thing “Style”

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  1. Nice review.I am so interested to buy a watch phone!

  2. I also seem interested in it, thank you very much for this review


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